Web Development

My Design Philosophy

What makes a great website? Well, there are quite a few things!

You might try and list all of them… Design, reliability, speed, reputation… but among these things, we forget the one key factor that’s most important: Simplicity.

Many run to custom solutions to reinvent the wheel, but why, if there is always a simpler way of doing things? Never forget the KISSKeep It Super Simple.

This is why I’ll find the least complicated way to build your website! Most of the time, it’ll require WordPress. Sometimes, there might be a need for multiple languages. Sometimes, there might even be the need for custom code altogether…

But at other times, it’s as simple as a static, plain and simple HTML file, with a bit of JavaScript and CSS… Yes, I’ll go back to very basic if that is enough to meet your requirements…

Which will cost less for you…

And lead to a more reliable result, in a quicker timeframe.

Website Portfolio

Here are some of my websites I’ve worked on over the past few years, and I continue to maintain and check-in on them to make sure that they stay secure, functional and updated… Even following project completion!

Like What You See?

Great – then I’m keen to join you on your project, and see what I can do for you. Send me a quick email with a description of your website concept for a free quote!