When Self-Worth Becomes Unselfish

Comparing ourselves to others is a very human thing. We tend to go to desperate measures just to outperform each other, and become better than the people we’re next to.

Be it eating properly, going to the gym, landing an amazing job or taking up interesting hobbies – let me tell you this: You might be in a position wherein none of those things matter.

“Alex”, you’re probably saying, “but aren’t all those things necessary to become the best version of yourself? To live a better life? And well, the answer is probably so…

But would you really want to become a better person if that meant forfeiting your very own interests?

Why go to the gym, if your only goal is to impress others, and not to live longer and sustain your health? Impressions are transient.

Why eat healthy, if it’s merely to look better, and not to feel more alive and well? Looks fade.

Why land a better job, if you only do this to buy people, and not with a long-term goal in mind? Money runs out, and sellouts fade away with it.

Why take up interesting hobbies if it is all for the sake of attractiveness, and not for enriching your life? Anything that is fake falls apart eventually, and attractiveness will crumble with that façade.

Adding to your self-worth should be process that benefits you. If you improve yourself just for others, eventually, you will end up regretting that you didn’t live life on your terms.

You will find that you’ve lived life for others, and not with them. You will find dependence, instead of interdependence. You will stagnation, instead of growth.

Don’t change yourself, just to end up regretting it.

Don’t let self-worth become unselfish.

Stay ever-growing, stay selfish.

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