A bit about me

I’m Alexander Gilburg, and I’m all about demystifying marketing and the digital world by bringing clarity through helping businesses get started with digital marketing campaigns, not only through creating and managing the campaign itself but also through teaching the client the inner workings of digital marketing.

My motto: Helping you understand digital marketing… because essentially, marketing is a two-way effort. I can create a campaign for you and do the market research, however, there is so much more to be gained here if I give you the knowledge too – as knowledge is power, after all!

I’m fluent in German, English and Russian, and speak French at an intermediate level. My experience ranges from content marketing and paid search to customer-facing sales — giving me a high-level understanding of the marketing process from the marketing message to the close. I’ve got an extensive professional and academic background in marketing, read more below:

Professional background

Russian House of Science and Culture

Since 2018, I am active in the field of marketing.

In 2018, I was a social media intern at the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin, where I brought the institution to Instagram and Twitter.

I came up with the hashtag #rushaus, which is now associated with the Russian House’s own posts and user-generated content. Until August 2017, the account was grown and directed by me.

Further to this, I’ve used Instagram to host a photo-competition, and managed the inboxes of the social media platforms. I also came-up with a strategy guide to be followed by staff as part of the handover process – today, the Instagram account has over 4k followers.


In 2018, I then left for an internship in paid-search marketing at Wayfair.

Daily responsibilities included maintaining and optimising the Google Ads (back then it was AdWords!) account by setting optimal bids and selecting relevant keywords. I managed to automate away a lot of the manual work using Python and Excel VBA macros – cutting the time needed for keyword maintenance from days to minutes.

Furthermore, I’ve worked closely with Nathan Thompson, Wayfair’s then SEO Manager. Through our partnership, we’ve managed to co-ordinate the product copy to better match the PPC campaigns ran by the paid-search team.

Facebook Business Support (Concentrix)

Due to the pandemic, I had to return back to Berlin to take a break from my marketing degree at Goldsmiths. During that time, I took on a role as a Facebook Business Support Representative at Concentrix.

Responsibilities included helping small-to-medium businesses optimise their Facebook Ads, and helping to diagnose issues related to ad delivery, targeting and budget. I also advised users on potential policy violations, and how to make their ads compliant with the Facebook Ads terms of service.

As such, I have an intimate understanding of how Facebook approves ads, and how to create effective social media paid ads which both, adhere to policy and drive engagement with the target audience.


The biggest mobile network in the UK! This was a sales role, which I undertook part-time next to my studies… However, sales and marketing go hand-in-hand.

I’ve experienced first-hand how marketing campaigns shape the communication between sales representatives and customers, so am able to develop a content marketing strategy which has a holistic approach, from brand awareness to the sale in store, which brings me to…


A relatively young tech company, specialising in the digitisation of the hospitality sector.

I am responsible there for PPC and Social Media campaigns – both, organic and paid – to drive new customers to restaurants using the Flipdish ordering platform. I manage clients predominately in the DACH region and France, although I do also work on some English clients.

Since Flipdish is a young company, I use this opportunity in order to also help with their B2B side of things – mostly through implementing a content strategy for the German social media channels.

Academic background

I’ve graduated with a 2:1 in marketing from Goldsmiths. This gives me a solid theoretical foundation which I oftentimes make use of. Concepts such as framing (Daniel Kahneman was onto something!) and the use of reciprocity and authority in marketing campaigns (thanks, Robert Cialdini!) can be seen everywhere… and awareness of them adds yet another powerful tool into my marketer’s toolbox!

I was in the top 5% during the 1st year of my degree, have been awarded for the most creative marketing communications strategy during the 2nd year’s Marketing Communications module, and developed a research thesis on the topic of influencer authenticity in the niche of sustainability which has received a merit during my 3rd year of university.

Work with me

I would be thrilled to seize new opportunities together with you – whether it’s through acquiring new, loyal customers using paid-search, or through creating a customer-first content strategy that’s designed to turn heads!

Not only have I got professional and academic experience in marketing, but I also truly believe that the more of these skills I can share with you – the more benefit there is to both of us.

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