A bit about me

My motto: Demystifying digital marketing.

There’s a lot of clutter and noise out there. Do this, don’t do that, Google Ads are a waste of money, whatever other lies there are… If you want clarity in the world of digital marketing, I’m your man. No ifs, buts, maybes, just facts and information that will help you tell the world about your business!

This is a place to share my thoughts, having been in the world of digital marketing since 2018. A marketing graduate, my experience ranges from social media strategy for the Russian foreign aid services, to working on PPC campaigns in the home-improvement and restaurant sectors. Sales experience gives me a holistic perspective on the consumer journey, from campaign to point of purchase.

As a Facebook Business Support representative, I got intimately close to the Facebook Ads algorithm. This gives me a thorough understanding of the Facebook/Meta advertising platform.

To ensure factual correctness and relevance to the ever-changing market dynamics at the same time, I draw upon a combination of my academic marketing knowledge, and my hands-on experience managing campaigns, budgets and targeting.

To sum marketing up into one sentence: It’s all about reaching the right people with the right message at a reasonable cost. So if you want to learn more how to do this in a way that’s tailored to your business, let’s have a conversation on how to see growing returns instead of growing frustration.

Great Marketing = Get To The Point

You want to grow your returns, not your frustration.
You want a marketer full of ideas and dedication…
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